Believe it or not, Ella who was 17 before she kicked the bucket (died) was drugged by the friend in whom she trusted. The guy in question was her colleague in school.

Ella was a second year student of Marine Science department, University of Lagos. She was religious. She worked at the Rock Foundation Mission (TRF) fellowship, Unilag. All her friends say she was a darling.

Some days ago, she went to visit a guy, someone who was her confidant. News reaching us has it that the friend drugged her. However, it has still not been ascertained why the friend would do such a thing. People are however insinuating that it was for him to have his way with her, sexually that is. The drug must have been too strong for her because she passed out and never opened her eyes again. She died the next day at a hospital in Ikeja.

She was buried last week at Atan Cemetary, Yaba, Unilag road. May her soul rest in peace.

A word for our young ladies out there, be careful were you go alone mostly during the nights.