The royal wedding craze has gotten some persons into permanent misadventures. A  33-year-old factory worker who decided to get a tattoo which read: ‘Good Luck William and Kate’ with April 29 permanently inked on his body got it all wrong.

Instead of tattooing Friday’s date on Mr Nesbitt’s thigh,’ tattooist’ Alan Fleck inked April 28 at the end of the good luck message.

Mr Fleck has agreed to refund the cost of the tattoo after the mistake was pointed out but Mr Nesbitt doesn’t appear that fussed with his incorrect tattoo.

‘It’s quirky. It’ll be the only one in the country with that date,’ the Sun quote the 33-year-old as saying.

The wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey brought the country to a standstill last week as thousands of people gathered in London’s parks and staged their own street parties to celebrate the royal wedding.

The pair have now decided to delay their honeymoon, with William reported to be back at work today.