A man says: I have nothing to wear, meaning there is nothing clean in my wardrobe. A woman says, I have nothing to wear, meaning there is nothing new in my wardrobe.

When a woman is not loved in a relationship she reacts with disrespect. When a man is not respected in a relationship he reacts with ‘un-love’. It’s a defense mechanism, deal with it.

A woman sees through pink binoculars; a man sees through blue binoculars.

A man says: can I help with dinner? Meaning: Why isn’t it already on the table? A woman says: My stew just got burnt. Meaning: I seriously need a house help.

A man says: Take a break honey, you’re working too hard. Meaning: I can’t hear the game over the vacuum cleaner. A woman says: my hand hurts. Meaning: you are meant to be doing this, lazy man.

A man says: You know how bad my memory is. Meaning: I still remember what time the match would kick off and the vehicle identification number of very car I’ve ever owned…but I forgot your birthday. A woman says: the prices for food stuffs have gone up astronomically. Meaning: I could not buy you a birthday gift because I used my extra cash to buy the remaining food stuff.

A man says: you look terrific. Meaning: Oh please, I am running late. A woman says: you look handsome. Meaning: no woman is ever going to eye you with that sloppy shirt.