Last season, I saw my fingers always reaching for the remote and 198 was my special number. I followed all the sexual perversions of Tatiana, the inordinate lust of Sheila, the mind games and childish pouts of the eventful winner, UTI.  I watched with keen interest the annoying arrogance of Munya, the drunken fight of Lerato and Hannington, dinner in the sky and yes, Merylisho’s nollywood like engagement.  Need I go on? The big brother Africa show has come a long way, currently in its sixth season, the rating has continued to sore. I watched all this even with my supposed ‘born again’ (for the want of words, because I do not like name dropping) status. I have never really loved this holier that thou attitude but I stick to Godly principles. I am not trying to be superficial here, but I love GOD and I sincerely have no apologies for that.

Anyway, I have blatantly refused to follow this season’s big brother even with all the drama Karen promises to bring on. And silicon boobs, that is the first time I am hearing about that. Well, pardon me; I just relocated to the city-pun intended. But come to think of it, if the girl could afford silicon boobs. What the heck is she looking for in BBA. I suppose they are all in for the money. And no, do not talk about fame because she can achieve fame acting in porn movies. My apologies, but the pictures I have seen of her do not suggest anything less.

My decision not to watch big brother this year was after my personal musing about what really the program had to offer me in the real sense. With my time increasingly getting more occupied, I have to give a second thought before sparing a minute out of my precious time.

I am not trying to paint Mnet in bad light but even if I am being entertained I should be able get some sort of positive value from it. For now, I seem not to find any positive value from Big Brother Africa. Deal with it.