The picture above was taken in Owerri just after it was announced that Rochas had won the elections. That was one of the many billboards of Ohakim that was being dismantled by the people of Imo. From survey, it has been confirmed that 80% of Imo state indigenes have such despicable hate for the man called OHAKIM. Well, it quite understandable because he defrauded the hungry job seeking residents of Imo state. He has also not been able to put a finger on any tangible infrastructure  his administration has completed in the past 4years, except of course for the fact that he was able to introduce Tricycles (Keke Napep) to Owerri. I can do way more than that with just one day in the government house (pun intended).

What really baffles me is the fact that such personalities including the likes of the ‘king of bleaching’ Aloa Akala, has been nominated for a ministerial post. President Goodluck Jonathan should remove their names already. I mean imagine Akala as Minister of Industries, bleaching creams would be free for all. Akala and Ohakim groupies, deal with it; if we even have any left. Lest i forget Akala has warned all journalist to desist hence forth from writing anything negative about him. He warned that he would take drastic step against culprits. ‘Odechi’ nothing do me. Moving swiftly on.

I think the first major litmus test for President Jonathan would be getting the right persons for ministerial positions. Its 11 days and counting, we are waiting  eagerly.