According to Forbes, a few wealthy Nigerians spent at least $225 million acquiring private jets between March 2010 and March 2011.

Aliko Dangote, Bishop David Oyedepo and Mike Adenuga made the list. Aliko and Mike own at least two each while Bishop David owns 4. Other pastors who own private jets include Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Pastor Enoch Adebayo, each having one.

Now, according to feelers reaching me a lot of Nigerians are not happy that Pastors are living flamboyant lives. I ask, why are you all sulking up, you guys are literally the same persons who gave them the money to buy this jets. Hello!!!!! You give Sunday offerings for crying out loud.

I absolutely do not have a problem with my pastor living the good life. Since they usually do have speaking engagements all over the world, why waste all the time in the airport. But wait a second; did they say Pastor David Oyedepo has 4? Kia!!! wahala dey for that one.