Sincerely, Nigerians can never run out of ideas to solve their problems. The picture you see above is not some sort of toy for kids nor is it a racket for the lawn tennis game. What you see is an instrument used to kill mosquito, all you have to do is recharge it with electricity and you are ready to kill every mosquito that comes in contact with it at night. You need to hear the sound of the mosquitoes when they come in contact with this. It is really rib cracking.

Well, the purpose of this article is not to promote this instrument because they did not pay me a dime for advert, rather this comes to me as a comic relief. Nigeria has all sorts of measures to kill/repel mosquitoes: Go 90, Rambo paper, age long mosquito coil, variety of sprays with all sorts of scents. Lest I forget, we do have the ‘baby’ of the international community, the NET. I call it the baby of the international community because they tend to promote the use of NET. I also think the various mosquito repellants have been subtly divided for the high and low end earners.

I guess you remember that Wayne Rooney and Cheryl Cole came to Nigeria not too long ago. The international media blew out of proportion the fact that our deadly mosquitoes had bitten them and they were down with malaria at the time. Just wondering why their host didn’t just give them this hand fan as a gift. The issue of painting Nigeria in bad light would not have arisen (pun intended). Just wondering how on earth you would fall asleep with this in your hand.