Bauchi is in the news again, Kadiri Mohammed, a 65 year old from of Jigawa Gadau village in the Zaki local government area of Bauchi State, has been remanded in prison custody over attempt to commit culpable homicide.

He was accused of setting the house of his in-laws on fire for refusing to return his wife to him following a misunderstanding between him and his spouse.

The accused claims to have had a misunderstanding with his wife which led her to leave his house and return to her family home. But Mr. Mohammed followed his wife to her family’s house in an attempt to reconcile and thereafter take his wife back. The discussion, however, ended in a deadlock and the family refused to return their daughter to her husband.

Mr. Mohammed’s in-laws had asked him to fulfill some conditions, which included the repayment of his wife’s debts as well as the purchase of other things for her needs before they would allow her to return to her husband. Mr. Mohammed allegedly became angry and resorted to arson.