If you haven’t heard, President Goodluck Jonathan has already removed these two from the list of ministerial nominees. Wow!!Thank goodness the president has the wisdom to see beyond politics.

Ikedi Ohakim who has just a few days to remain as governor of Imo state would soon be pursued by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for various allegations. The one that stands out for me is the fact that he defrauded over 20,000 job seekers to a total sum of approximately 40,000,000 (forty million naira). Not too long ago the Governor had promised to provide 10,000 jobs.  Each person was made to ‘cough’ out N2000 for forms. As I write, no job has been created and no refund has been made. The Kaduna state chapter of the Imo state indigenes is in the fore front of seeing this happen.

On the other hand, the gratuity of Governor Aloa Akala has been halted by the Eni Esan of the Oyo state High court. His political appointees are also to suffer the same fate.

I would definitely be keeping an eye on these two.


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