I continue to hear repeated warnings on radio and TV about those living in Ikorodu and other flood prone areas to relocate before the heavy rains come down. The question that readily comes to mind is if the government has provided some sort of resettlement housing. From my findings the answer is a big NO!  Am still wondering if the government wants them to resettle under our already occupied bridges.

If Lagos State’s darling governor, Babatunde Fashola, is not to leave the state, unappreciated, at the end of his tenure in spite of all his efforts on roads construction, he should, from this moment, begin to pay closer attention to the problem of flooding. The rains that fell last Saturday in the metropolis rudely exposed the underbelly of the mega city that his government is trying to build.

The floods left many wondering how critical sections of a mega city could be so summarily sacked and disgraced by a natural phenomenon that occurs every year.

That day, attempts by many  ‘Lagosians’ to link Jibowu through Ishaga/Mabo area of Surulere nearly turned out a misadventure as they ran into a street that was heavily flooded. Residents of the street were virtually trapped in their own homes as their vehicles bobbed about, a grave danger to drivers who suddenly found themselves trying to navigate a river instead of a road, while many vehicles broke down. But for the penchant of Lagos floods to recede shortly after rainfall, the state government would have had to be called in to rescue the hapless residents.

Herbert Macaulay Way is another disaster zone; especially the stretch between University of Lagos Road and the U-turn to Customs area, the flood was just as bad. Some portions of the Mile 2 – Oshodi Expressway are other bad spots where floods occasion terrible traffic gridlock.
The situation leaves many wondering if Lagos is, indeed, a mega city in the making as we are daily told. There is no doubt that Lagos is a large and complex city full of challenges. But, the way flood sacks many parts of the town anytime there is heavy rainfall calls for greater action from the government.

Fashola, you had better do something about this urgently.

Thanks to Wale Sokunmbi for the information.