A church auditorium turned to a theatre of death in Obubra, Cross River State, South-south Nigeria when three senior officials of a Pentecostal church were struck dead by lightning during a church service.

Pastor David Ogbeke of Christ for the World Mission, a popular Pentecostal ministry in the state, who was conducting a Bible study class, was killed along with two senior members of the church, Deacon Lazarus Arong and the Woman Leader, Maria Egbam late evening on the fateful day when lightning struck.

A member of the church, who gave her name as Sister Mary gave eyewitness report: “I went after the prayers had been taken and Pastor David was preaching on ‘A Workman for God’ and took his message from the book of 2 Timothy 4 and Philippians 2. He had finished with Timothy and was on Philippians when the lightning struck,” she said.

Sister Mary said the thunder and lightning came following a heavy rainstorm. She said the pastor’s hand was scorched as if “someone pressed a hot iron on it” but the other two had no burns on them.

The bodies of the deacon and the woman leader have been buried in their family homes. May their soul rest in perfect peace.