NIGERIA GRADUALLY BECOMING A FAILED STATE (that is according to Fund for Peace)


Fund for Peace has ranked Nigeria as the 14th most failed state in the world; only better than Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Central African, Iraq, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Pakistan, and Yemen.

This is the seventh annual Failed States Index report 2011 ranking by Fund for Peace, an American independent non-profit research and educational organization that works to prevent violent conflicts and promote sustainable security in the world. In the previous ranking Nigeria was ranked a lot better. 14th has been the worst position by Nigeria. The report covered over a 100 countries.

Development and Stability in governance were their major criteria for ranking. Ghana was the best ranked in Africa. As it is, Somalia is the world most failed state.
1-14 is not much of gap considering that over 100 countries were ranked, it is therefore an indication that Nigeria is close to being called a failed state. Really worrying.


5 thoughts on “NIGERIA GRADUALLY BECOMING A FAILED STATE (that is according to Fund for Peace)

  1. Jenny Ubi

    Nigeria has been a failed state for long time now, it is no where near the core, the peripheral, the semi-peripheral, it is a failed state and if it does not manage her failures, may soon slip back into the collapsed state status, that is where Somalia is currently. If you see documentaries on Mogadishu in Somalia, you would hate conflict and religious fundamentalism, with Nigeria we can not predict much but it remains my hope that we would rather move up the scale not down below.

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