This list was basically compiled out of my personal research and to a large extent represent the view of many Nigerians.


Top on the list is inspiration fm. Inspiration fm which was established over 3 years ago has the largest listenership in Lagos, Nigeria.

This station which largely tilts towards being called a gospel station clearly confirms the fact that Nigerians are very religious people. Although the station which does not want to be called a gospel station but rather a family station has the likes of Dan Foster, Chaz B, Wana Udobang, Sola Thompson, Oscar, Titi etc as on air personalities.

Their audience cuts across all ages and this has been their strong point. A 70 year old can comfortably listen to the station as would a 20 or 15 year old.

They also offer jobs and humanitarian services to a good number of people. Another strong point working for them is their news team.

WEAK POINT: the fact that not everyone is a Christian.Though we still have non-Christians that are ardent followers.


I have never been a lover of Wazobia Fm but I must give it to them, they do have a very large audience. The station came at the time when no other radio station predominately communicated with the listeners in pidgin; a large portion of the Nigerian populace were already yeaning for this.

The market woman, the bus driver, the guy next door can listen to them without necessarily straining their ears. The fact that they speak only pidgin is their selling point. Not to forget that Nigerian music has been greatly loved and Wazobia gives you Nigerian music in full dose.

Yaw, Matshe, Lolo, Diplomatic OPJ etc are the on air personalities that make the station thick.

WEAK POINT: Educated Nigerians are not just very comfortable with Pidgin.

BEAT 99.9 FM

3rd on the list is Beat FM. Although this station is relatively new (just over 2 years) they have made a great impact in Lagos and environs. The youths make up 80% of the listeners.

The stations strong point is not in their programming but rather in their presenters wittiness and spontaneity. The likes of Olisa, Tolu Toolz, Oreka and Gbemi make the station thick. They are all up and about, you have got to love them.

They also do have the knack for interviewing the who is who in the entertainment industry. Most celebrities in Nigeria are listeners of this station. They also do have very strong signals.

WEAK POINT: their news is a bit weak and listening to the station at night is not pleasant.( you do not put me to bed with strong music, not even mid-tempo) I have to say it as it is. Work on it.


Rhythm has been around for while. One of the first privately owned radio stations in Nigeria. Clearly, they have lost top 3 position to newer radio station but they are not doing badly though. They are still keeping it real.

They started losing their listeners when they could not regulate their adverts. You cannot air adverts for straight 7 minutes and expect the listener to still stay tuned. I think they have realized that, and their adverts are more regulated these days.

They offer great music and some good programs.

WEAK POINT: Non regulated advert timing.

COOL 96.9 FM

Also one of the oldest privately owned radio stations in Nigeria, Cool fm though have lost some really good on air personalities, the new ones aren’t doing badly. They slipped down the ranking for sometime after the loss of some presenters but they have pretty much picked up.

They do offer some great programmes. The fact is, the listeners they lost to other stations have stuck with the newer stations.

WEAK POINT: Non-stability with on air personalities

So there you have it, top 5 radio stations in Lagos. I personally do love Smooth 98.1 FM, I think they are doing a great job. I must also acknowledge that CITY 105.1 FM is coming on strong. They do have some good hands and really nice programmes.

Do post your comments to let me know if you agree or disagree. Lunch is served.