Following the incessant bomb attacks in northern Nigeria and threats to bombKaduna by the Boko Haram Islamic sect, many churches in the metropolis have resorted to searching worshippers prior to service on Sunday and other days to ensure no deadly explosive gets taken inside their church building.

 The security measures are coming on the heels of rumours of the possibility of Boko Haram attacks over the weekend. In the churches visited, metal detector devices were seen being used to search persons on their way into the building. The thorough search include emptying of contents of any bag.

The security department of Restoration Bible Church, Sabo, had a hectic day during last Sunday’s service vetting worshippers before they were allowed in, just as armed mobile police officers and soldiers mounted heavy surveillance around most of the churches within Kaduna metropolis. Female worshippers were searched by women security volunteers who asked them to hand over their handbags for examination.

At another church in the city centre, security officials blocked all entrance and exit points leaving open only one door for members to go in, at which bomb detectors were used on everyone going into the building

Many churches witnessed low turnout of members during service. Which way Nigeria. God help us.