This story has taken a new twist as  Arowolo Kolade has alleged that he did not stab his late wife, but rather, the woman killed herself. Arowolo who is presently cooling off at the State Criminal Investigation office in Yaba has told officials that his wife was possessed by demons.

According to him, they had a quarrel on the fateful day when the wife rushed into the kitchen to pick up a knife. She allegedly stabbed him several times before she started to stab hereself. (Sorry oh, but am still wondering how this could happen or apperently you have lawyers who are thinking with the back of their heads).

Anyway, according to Arowolo who is said to be a Pastor, he was forced into the marriage after the late wife alleged that he had impregnated her. He said the marriage has always been rocky and was meant to fail. (Serioulsy this guy needs to be checked. First of, you are a pastor, why the heck did you get into sex when you were not married to her. You obviuosly had sex with her, that was why she had the guts to say the pregnancy belonged to you. )

Arowolo rounded up by advising men not to get into forced marriages, he also said he is not jobless according to popular opinion.

Hmmmmmmmm! I would keep you all posted.