The serene atmosphere of Ekirin Adde community in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State recently snowballed into pandemonium when a middle-aged man shot his wife dead over alleged infidelity and then went ahead to also terminate his own life.

According to an eyewitness account, the man whose name was given as Omoniyi Aweku woke up on the fateful day and drenched himself in local gin known as ‘ogogoro’ before he summoned his wife, Omolara into the room and told her to say her last prayers.
Omolara, who was said to be frying ‘akara’ at the time the husband, a truck driver, summoned her into the room was said to have taken the threat lightly as she never expected her husband of many years could do anything so hurtful.

But her indifference proved fatal when the husband reappeared few seconds later with his double barrel gun and pumped hot pellets into his wife’s chest.
The wife was said to have slumped immediately and died minutes later before help could reach her.
When intensity of what he has done dawned on him, Aweku himself ran back into the room and locked up himself after which he shot himself through the mouth. He also died immediately.
The incident, it was gathered, caused serious pandemonium in the sleepy community as every one was said to be running helter-skelter.

It was gathered that Aweku had been complaining that his wife was flirting with a certain automobile technician in the community who had literally taken the wife.
Family members were said to have tried to make peace between the couple but to no avail as Omolara was said to have complained that her husband was not responsible enough for her domestic needs, hence her desires to seek for succour from outside the matrimonial home.

It was also gathered that Omolara had had four children for another man before she got married to Aweku who she had two children for before the incident.