Wow! spending an evening with Dr. Myles Munroe was definitely one of my best meetings ever. Am not trying to be superficial here, but it sure was a night for keeps in my mind. When you are anointed by God, every word that comes out of your mouth just has that electrifying effect. I definitely left that meeting getting much more than I ever anticipated.

The greatest tragedy in life is not death; it is more tragic to be alive and not know why. Dr. Munroe just breaks into simple terms the wisdom involved in discovering your purpose. With a doctorate degree in leadership management and author to several bestselling books, he mixes spirituality, knowledge and Godly wisdom so well.

You know, sometimes we try too hard to ‘religionize’ everything ( yes! I invented that word. Who says I can’t?). Religion is actually the reason why most of us remain in a box. If religion was to be followed David would not have eaten the bread meant only for the priest (Matthew 6:3-6). The bible is actually a legal document that was written to tell us the intent of God for our lives; so never take with casual faith all that the bible tells you. Most times we as Christians run every were but the bible for answers. Like they say ‘wetin you dey find for Sokoto dey for shokoto’. Spend time with the word and read it. And the beautiful thing is that the Holy Spirit would minister passages to you. Personally, most times when I ponder over a situation and I pick up my Bible, the particular word I need for the situation is right there staring back at me; that’s the work of the Holy spirit.

It might also interest you to know that prayer is not a religious word. The Hebrew word for prayer is petition. When you pray you demand what rightfully belongs to you. When the legal document (Bible) God handed over to you has told you that you can never beg for breed, you better demand that and stop running everywhere begging for breed. The thing I notice is that most Christians just claim things without having the word of God to back it. You better start reading the bible today to claim every word that has been given to you. Stop claiming things without any substance. I also find that most Christians serve God just because they want the blessings. That should not be. Serving God should be because you love him dearly. Like he has said ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing would be added unto you’.

Dr Munroe reiterated the fact that Gods original plan is to extend his invisible realm of Heaven into the visible realm of the earth. In other words, his purpose for your life is provide you with all Heavenly blessings. We struggle over things we already have just because we cannot see them. Stop looking else were for provision; make heaven your source. The ruler of Heaven and earth is your Father. Father means Abba in Hebrew and Abba means source.

Dr Munroe explained that the bible is basically about 4 things:

• King

• Kingdom

• Royal family and

• Colonization

God is the King. To be a king you must have a kingdom and Heaven is Gods original kingdom. Now, he created the earth because he wants to extend his kingdom. The devil came to stop us from enjoying the glory he intends for us on earth and in Heaven, but the beautiful thing is that God sent Jesus to restore all Glory. It is important to note that you can have access to the Glory only if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. When you do so, you become a member of the royal family and the head of the Family is God. His kingdom is in Heaven and he has sent you from Heaven to make an impact on earth. Take dominion today.