A lot of people did come hard on General Muhammadu Buhari for shedding tears in public during one of his pre-election campaigns.

Muhammadu Buhari, Tunde Bakare and Nasir El-Rufai were at Chatham House, London recently, to speak at an event, ‘Nigeria’s 2011 Elections: Reflections on the process and prospects for Nigeria’. A member of the audience asked General Buhari why he cried at his final campaign event, days to the presidential election. The General admitted to experiencing such emotions in public for the first time because of the love he has for Nigeria.

Speaking further, “It wasn’t the General alone who wept that day,” Pastor Bakare confessed. “I did [too], and I rarely weep in public. I turned around and saw my friend El-Rufai weeping. We were not weeping for ourselves; we were weeping for a nation called a giant, but which has remained in a coma.” I am not trying to give credence to their act. But truly, the story of Nigeria is no doubt a tragic, tear-deserving one. The future that awaited the orphaned Buhari and the shoeless Jonathan is far brighter than that which awaits today’s un-privileged hordes.

It is really appalling that at the time when the federal government should be settling down for serious developmental issues is the time when issues of tenure elongation has taken center stage. After the president supposedly perceived that the Nigerian populace has kicked against such proposal did he release another statement claiming that this proposal would not profit him (I really don’t care if it would affect you or not). No hard feelings, but I think Dr. Ruben Abati is doing a lot of talking, I know you were paid to do this, but please do not open your mouth too wide (that’s by the side anyway). It think what is important is that the President should not claim ‘Mr. Nice guy’, but should rather propose things that would be of benefit to the larger Nigerian populace not just a select few. First off, the timing of this bill is totally wrong.

The president should think of more tangible things to put forward and let this tenure elongation drama just die off for now. If he is under so much pressure as it appears, he should learn to take strong stance on things. Why should we have a president that is easily pressured into doing things. He has blatantly not done anything about reducing the bulging cost of running the government because he does not want to step on toes.

There are a lot of things that I really want to vent about, but I would rather give the president a six month appraisal circle. Mr. President Sir, I did vote for you, abeg no fall my hand oh!