In continuation of his defence this morning at a Lagos High Court, Southwest Nigeria, Major Hamzat Al-Mustapha, the former Chief Security Officer to the then Head of State, the late General Sani Abacha, has dropped another bombshell.

On Monday, he accused Yoruba leaders of collecting money to scuttle the mandate of Chief MKO Abiola but stopped short of mentioning their names.

Today, he lifted the veil, alleging that the late Chief Bola Ige and Pa Abraham Adesanya were among the dignitaries from the southwest who kept visiting Aso Rock after the death of Abacha. Both Ige and Adesanya died years ago.

He claimed Chief Ige was the one liaising with the Presidency earlier to either release Abiola or restore his stolen mandate. But he was the one used later to scuttle the mandate.

Al-Mustapha said he has the graphic details of how some dignitaries visited Aso Rock after the death of Abiola. One of them was Pa Adesanya, who after the death of Abacha, was angry.

He said Pa Adesanya granted interview to pressmen at the Villa.

However, he said the same dignitaries who were in Aso Rock angry were very happy when they were leaving. This event, he said, were recorded by both the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA and his camera ( which NTA never broadcast).

He said that he knew Abiola’s killers, whose motive at the time was ‘a balancing of the equation’ , following, according to Al-Mustapha, the killing of Abacha.

Immediately he dropped the bombshell, he was challenged to mention names of those he claimed collected money from the Federal Government to scuttle Abiola’s mandate. (This man should just come out directly, and tell us the ‘koko’.