A little 6-year-old girl by the name of Arianna Gibson was recently shot and killed by outside gunfire while sleeping on her grandmother’s couch. Two teens — both of the age of 17 — were injured as well but are reported to be in good condition.

At a news conference held on Monday, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said authorities might have discovered a break in the case. He said, “We have a person in custody who’s being questioned. We have a lot of information we have to follow up on before we get that person charged. But right now it’s a very, strong, strong lead.” That same day there was a prayer vigil in honor of Gibson. Instead of Gibson’s mother, Demitta Collins, and her grandmother attended the vigil, they met with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and their pastor at Liberation Christian Center.

Little Gibson was soon to embark on her first day of school at Libby Elementary. Her mother says, “Whoever hurt my baby are wrong for that. That was a little 6 year old. She didn’t deserve this.”