What could have made a lady who had been in a relationship with a promising young doctor for seven years and even got impregnated during the courtship suddenly switch her allegiance to a pastor and within days got married to the latter in his church. The puzzle is compounded by the fact that for three days before the marriage, the lady was safe in the arms of his jilted lover in his house at 3 Oremeji Street, Iyana Iba, Lagos 

The doctor was seriously assaulted by ushers and members of the congregation during the solemnization of the marriage between the pastor and his bride. He had come to the marriage uninvited. The matter is now with the Ijanikin division of Nigerian Police Force.

Trouble started when the medical doctor learnt through one of his friends that his lovely girlfriend, who he had spent a fortune on and who went missing from his residence the day before the marriage, was in a church in Iyana Iba tying the nuptial knot with a pastor.

 Enraged by the information, the doctor left everything he was doing and chartered a vehicle to the church where the marriage was taking place. Fortunately for him, he arrived at a special period when the officiating minister was about to pronounce the groom and his bride husband and wife. The officiating minister had posed the eternal marriage statement: “Whoever has any reason or cause as to why this man and woman should not be joined together in holy matrimony should speak up by raising his hand or keep shut forever.”

Everybody’s gaze inside the hall where the marriage was taking place suddenly shifted to the enraged doctor who stood up and raised his hand. “I have something to say,” he bellowed. The officiating minister gave him the microphone and he narrated how he was betrayed by the bride.


Before he could finish his narration, the ushers and some members of the congregation pounced on him and beat him to a pulp. He was later handed over to the police who bundled him to their station before hearing his own side of the story.

Investigations revealed that the medical doctor and the bride, Christiana Essiet had dated for seven years and the bride had slept with the doctor in his house three days before the marriage last weekend (6 August).

Doctor Oladele also confirmed that he sponsored the bride’s university education at the University of Uyo where she read Business Management and had been responsible for her upkeep.

The matter has however been calmed down because the Doctor has forgiven the lady. The police warned the parties to keep the peace after the doctor said he had forgiven her.

Hmm. What could make a lady take such a decision within a jiffy? I am not trying to be a judge here, but this woman must be deadly; she obviously had this background relationship with the pastor going on all this while.