A seventh-grade girl at Republic Middle School in Missouri was raped, then forced to write a note of apology to the boy that she accused. She was also expelled for telling a “lie,” because school authorities simply did not believe her. When she was readmitted to the school at the beginning of the next semester, the same boy repeated the same act in the back of the school’s library. The second time she reported it, her mother took her to a child advocacy center to verify it.

Turns out it was true. A physical examination proved that she was indeed sexually assaulted and the DNA evidence matched the boy she had long accused of attacking her. The boy confessed to the crime shortly afterward in juvenile court.

According to the lawsuit that was filed, “Her file included a psychological report which clearly indicated that the girl was conflict adverse, behaviorally passive, and ‘would forego her own needs and wishes to satisfy the requests of others around so she can be accepted.’