The Lagos State government has issued a warning to Lagosians, especially those residing by the waterfront around the coastal areas and those that may wish to go for picnic to stay away from the area as the state is currently experiencing an ocean surge.

Government said the ocean surge is around the Kuramo Beach up to Badagry and that the wave is about five metres high.

Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Prince Adesegun Oniru, warned that the tide on Thursday night was worse, saying, however, that Ahmadu Bello Way was safe and intact due to the permanent solution put in place at the Bar Beach.

“But Alpha beach is a cause for concern because of the strong waves. Badagry is also experiencing ocean surge as a result of strong waves coupled with beached vessels on the Atlantic,” he said.

Oniru warned Lagosians to keep away from the waters, saying, “what we are experiencing right now is the effect of happenings in the Caribbean and hurricane Irene, so Lagosians are advised to keep away from the waterfront since experts have said this surge in the ocean will last for some time.”

Meanwhile, government has put some physical measures in place to control the situation like the watch towers and beach guards to monitor the coastline and that the Royal Haskining Consultant report back to government on hourly basis.