A few weeks after unruly street traders at Yaba Bus Stop attacked officials of the Kick Against Indiscipline, KAI, another set of unruly residents, this time, the disabled yesterday stormed the Olowu, Lagos Island office of LASTMA and attacked the officials for allegedly impounding their vehicles.

More than 50 disabled were reportedly involved in the attack on the LASTMA officials.

The angry disabled, stormed the place in about eight commuter buses with crates of empty bottles and other dangerous weapons to vent their anger on officials of LASTMA for impounding their vehicles and depriving them of their means of livelihood.

The incident caused commotion and stampede as shops owners and residents hurriedly locked themselves inside their premises for the three hours the commotion lasted.

The busy Adeniji-Adele Street, Lagos Island, was deserted by motorists and other road users to avoid being caught up in the fracas.

A LASTMA official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the disabled, led by their leader popularly called Balawu stormed their office on the wrong information that some of their buses impounded around Lagos were kept at the LASTMA office on Adeniji Adele Street. He said no bus was detained there.

While the police and LASTMA officials were pleading with them, another group of disabled arrived the scene in four buses and their leader, Balawu, allegedly ordered them to attack anybody in sight.

During the fracas, a LASTMA official, Mr. Wasiu Akintunde was stabbed on the forehead while others received injuries. They were rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

About eight of the beggars were also arrested and taken to the Adeniji Adele Police Station where they are being detained.

I do not condone violent protest but these KIA and LASTMA officials are getting out of hand.