DETECTIVES have got “substantial” information from the re-arrested Christmas Day bombing suspect, Kabiru Abubakar Dikko Umar, who is popularly known as Kabiru Sokoto. 

State Security Service (SSS) have spoken of “revealing call logs”, among other information.

Besides, Kabiru Sokoto has admitted being a member of the Sura Committee – the highest advisory/ decision-making board of Boko Haram, the fundamentalist sect which has claimed responsibility for the bombings in some parts of the North.

He was arrested for the December 25 bombing at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger State in which 44 people died. Kabiru Sokoto escaped from police custody. He was rearrested at the weekend.

Also in custody are over 30 “key” members of the sect. They have been held since the arrest of the sect’s spokesman, Abu Qaqa.

But, contrary to a speculation that he may have been handed over to the military, Sokoto is still in SSS custody, according to a source.

“The suspect knows the game is up and he has been cooperative with the panel of interrogators,” said an SSS official who did not want his name published.

“We have retrieved Kabiru Sokoto’s call logs, which have provided substantial information on key co-coordinators of the sect. The call logs are many; we are screening them with the cooperation of the suspect. He is giving useful information on each name on the logs. There is no doubt we will go after these sect leaders. We hope so.