This could pass for one of the wonders of the world. It is a strange but true life story of a 22-year lady, Chinyere Alegu, who dragged her cousin’s five year old daughter, Chioma Edukwu, to a nearby bush, inserted her fingers in her mouth and pulled out her tongue. The victim died as a result of the wicked act. To make it even stranger than fiction, she claims the Holy Spirit directed her.

The incident took place at Ndi Duma Ekpaomaka village, in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.
According to a source, the suspect allegedly committed the crime under the influence of some unseen forces.

He narrated how the suspect behaved strangely each time the spirit came upon her. But despite that, Chinyere was said to have taken her Christian life seriously and many referred to her as a prayer warrior. She is said to be a very quiet person, and usually saw visions and received revelations ‘anytime she was in the spirit.’

The Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Adeola Adeniji, said the suspect had been arrested and would be tried for murder. “We didn’t see any other object other than the Bible,” he said.