As you read this, a popular private nursery and primary school in Lagos, Ivy School is battling with a child abuse case. The case which is still being investigated by the state CID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos borders on what has been tagged “Sexual Assault By Penetration” on a 3 year old pupil (names withheld) by her class teacher, Miss Oruma Patience.
According to a petition written by the mother of the little girl, Mrs Zainab Rodemade, and addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police.
“On the 21st of June after my daughter came back from school, I wanted to bath her and I noticed she cried when I was touching her private part. When I probed, she told me her aunty inserted pencil in her private part in the toilet. When I reported to the school the next day, three teachers were called upon and my daughter still pointed to this Aunty Favour. This teacher must pay for what she did to my child.”
The teacher has denied all allegations. The police is however still carrying out investigations

Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola