1.Lack of Eye Contact

Have you ever held a conversation with someone who looked down at the floor the entire time you talked to them? How did it make you feel? Did you walk away from the conversation knowing they understood what you were saying? Lack of eye contact makes a conversation odd. It also gives off very negative impressions. Look the interviewer in the eyes and glance off occasionally as you speak.

2. Use of Slang

Oftentimes we can become too comfortable during an interview and slip into our “post-work” mode. No matter how cool or friendly your interviewer is, keep in mind you’re a professional  and you’re seeking employment. You can still exude your own personality, but refrain from using slang words/phrases such as; “real talk”, “forreal”, “keep it real”, etc.

3. Selective Listening

This mistake can cost you major opportunities because it shows you’re not an effective listener. I’ve run into situations when candidates didn’t know the meaning of a word and instead of asking me to clarify, they’d answer the portion of the question they are the most familiar with and completely abandon the other portion of the question.

4. Excessive Jesting

Again, I’m not discouraging anyone from exuding their own personality. By all means, be your (professional) self- especially if your role is one that requires you to interact with customers. Having a sense of humor is great, but it can also hinder you if you don’t filter it and limit it. Everyone may not find your jokes funny, so it’s important that you understand when jesting is needed and when it’s not.

5. Begging for the Job

I’ve had a plethora of people give me their entire life story as to why they deserve the job more than someone else. I’ve had people tell me about their starving children, death within the family that has left them poor, illness that has left them jobless, etc. All of the stories are heartwarming, but none of them got them a job. Everyone has a pity party. Some pity parties are sadder than others, but they’re still pity parties nonetheless. The best way to get a job is to fight for it with your confidence, your experience, your professionalism and your perseverance.