If you have been following the news lately in Nigeria, you would discover that the cases of rape have increased drastically. Maybe, this new underwear is something our women need to be happy about.

Well here is the gist; a new line of anti-rape underwear named AR Wear uses modern chastity belt-type technology to ward off potential sexual predators.

Unlike the electric shock anti-rape underwear introduced in spring, AR Wear locks wearers into the gear with cut-proof, adjustable straps that don’t leave underwear lines.

It is currently being vetted online through a crowd funding campaign.

Cut-proof: AR Wear’s adjustable straps are incredibly difficult to cut or rip open

AR Wear’s creation is meant to give wearers a sense of comfort while running at night, travelling alone, going out to a nightclub, as well as other ‘risky’ environs, as is explained in a promotional video. The project has already raised $37,000 of its requested $50,000 budget on crowd sourcing site Indiegogo, with 17 days left of seed funding to go.

The project was founded by two Nyack, New York-based young women named Ruth and Yuval, who say they have carried out years of research before launching their Indiegogo campaign.

They admit on their site that ‘only by raising awareness and education, as well as bringing rapists to justice, can we all hope to eventually accomplish the goal of eliminating rape as a threat to both women and men.’

Pull-proof: AR Wear’s pants are difficult to pull down, once locked into place

The page continues to explain: ‘Meanwhile, as long as sexual predators continue to populate our world, AR Wear would like to provide products to women and girls that will offer better protection against some attempted rapes while the work of changing society’s rape culture moves forward.’

While AR Wear bills itself on providing safe alternatives to women who feel threatened or want a bit of added safety to go out, its designs have been met with controversy online.