Read excerpts of what he had to say on the proposed National Conference:

“Lately, we came to a point where we decided that the regional integration agenda should not just be a newspaper agenda and that was why we set up a full-fledged commission working from Ibadan, the political capital of the region in a whole variety of ways; language, common educational policy, common agricultural policy, common transportation and a whole range of the things are being undertaken by the commission in Ibadan. It is true we meet monthly. When we meet, it is not everything we deliberate upon that we come out to discuss with the media.

We are of the view that we need to demonstrate tangible evidence of what we have been deliberating upon and that step will enhance that rather than to keep calling the press and talking about regional integration. And you could tie that to your question about the national conference. If you know my background you will know where I stand on national conference. In my previous life, I was the convener of the Citizens Forum for Constitutional Reform in this country and I spent the better part of my time from 1999 till I came into politics, working on the constitution.

I was an unofficial adviser to the late Chief Bola Ige on the constitution review committee that they set up at one time and we produced a model constitution. I was in PRONACO. I had written extensively about this. I am a federalist. For me, what President Jonathan has done, coming from an earlier position that was utterly negative, is not something Kayode Fayemi can personally be negative about. I cannot! I was actually in the Yoruba Assembly. You only need to Google my interviews and other things I have said so it would be opportunistic on my part to say national conference is not appropriate but – and there is a big but- I’m not going to talk about the motive- whoever sets up anything has a motive and there is no perfect time for anything.

Whatever anyone does in life, there cannot be 100 per cent perfect time. That is the time you must do it. So people are saying why now, why not another time? It is not for me the essential argument. Again, whether it is called national dialogue or national conference is not really relevant, what makes a conference relevant is the input of the large population of people and that can only be arrived at by a referendum. That is the only vehicle of sovereignty. If you do not put the stamp of the people there, we cannot say. “We the people…””





If you have been following the news lately in Nigeria, you would discover that the cases of rape have increased drastically. Maybe, this new underwear is something our women need to be happy about.

Well here is the gist; a new line of anti-rape underwear named AR Wear uses modern chastity belt-type technology to ward off potential sexual predators.

Unlike the electric shock anti-rape underwear introduced in spring, AR Wear locks wearers into the gear with cut-proof, adjustable straps that don’t leave underwear lines.

It is currently being vetted online through a crowd funding campaign.

Cut-proof: AR Wear’s adjustable straps are incredibly difficult to cut or rip open

AR Wear’s creation is meant to give wearers a sense of comfort while running at night, travelling alone, going out to a nightclub, as well as other ‘risky’ environs, as is explained in a promotional video. The project has already raised $37,000 of its requested $50,000 budget on crowd sourcing site Indiegogo, with 17 days left of seed funding to go.

The project was founded by two Nyack, New York-based young women named Ruth and Yuval, who say they have carried out years of research before launching their Indiegogo campaign.

They admit on their site that ‘only by raising awareness and education, as well as bringing rapists to justice, can we all hope to eventually accomplish the goal of eliminating rape as a threat to both women and men.’

Pull-proof: AR Wear’s pants are difficult to pull down, once locked into place

The page continues to explain: ‘Meanwhile, as long as sexual predators continue to populate our world, AR Wear would like to provide products to women and girls that will offer better protection against some attempted rapes while the work of changing society’s rape culture moves forward.’

While AR Wear bills itself on providing safe alternatives to women who feel threatened or want a bit of added safety to go out, its designs have been met with controversy online.






A 24-year old man identified as Ifeanyi Nwong has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 20 months old baby in his apartment.

Ifeanyi was arrested after parents of the victim (names withheld) noticed that her child was walking awkwardly and some sperm was found on her.

The offence was committed at Uselu quarters in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

He was among 29 suspects paraded by the Edo State Police Command yesterday.

Ifeanyi was alleged to have lured the victim into his room where the act was committed.

In a chat with newsmen, Ifeanyi said his sperm only dropped on the laps of the victim but he did not penetrate.

He said, “I returned from work and was wearing my towel to go the bathroom when the girl ran to me. I carried her and my penis erected and placed her on my lap. I release sperm on her lap but people said I defiled her.”

(Kai see demons!)

Other suspects held for defiling minors included Elvis Idemudia who allegedly had carnal knowledge of a 12 year old girl, Stanley Edomwonyi who defiled a 9 year old fish seller inside a bush and Precious Omoruyi who allegedly defiled a 10 year old girl.

Two women, Helen Otorhila and Imuwahen Atoe, were arrested for being in possession of 280 live cartridges which they claimed they sold to hunters.

A civil engineering student of Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, John Imhona and one Monday Evbuomwan were arrested for threatening to kidnap and kill their victims if the said victims did not pay the ransom demanded.

John said he demanded the money because cultists in his school were disturbing him to pay some money while Monday said he threatened his aunt to raise money his business.

Police Commissioner, Foluso Adebanjo said the suspects would soon be charged to court.

He disclosed that several persons have been arrested in connection to the killings of several persons at Ukhorumi community in which several buildings and cars were razed.

The anti-kidnapping law is good for now.




Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has indicated that electricity generation in the country will drop by 400megawatts beginning from Monday through Saturday this week.

According to TCN, this will consequently lead to a six-day nationwide power rationing.

The firm, in a statement, explained that the drop in power generation would be as a result of maintenance work on one of Shell Petroleum Development Company’s gas plant.

TCN said: “There will be a reduction in generation output by 400MW, from 4 Monday to 9 Saturday, November, 2013.

“This is due to the SPDC’s scheduled maintenance work on Okoloma gas plant supplying gas to Afam VI power plant, thereby leading to the shutdown of the power plant, resulting in nationwide power rationing.”

TCN said the shutdown of Afam VI power plant became necessary to allow SPDC inspect and carry out routine maintenance work on the Okoloma natural gas station in Afam, Rivers State, to ensure its technical integrity.



This was how the wife looked before getting job done
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
But for one man from Northern China, this was not the case.
Earlier this year, Jian Feng, divorced and sued his wife for being ugly.
 Jian Feng was confused after his wife gave birth to an ‘incredibly ugly’ baby. He accused her of cheating and she admitted to spending £62,000 on plastic surgery
He then claimed she got him to marry her under false pretense.
He won his case and was awarded a little under £75,000 by the judge, Mr Feng said he took issue with his wife’s looks only after the couple’s daughter was born.
He was shocked by the child’s appearance, calling her ‘incredibly ugly’ and saying she looked like neither one of her parents.
Mr Feng was so outraged that he initially accused his wife of cheating.
Faced with the accusation, his wife admitted to spending around £62,000 on plastic surgery which had altered her appearance drastically.
She had the work done before she met her husband and never told him about it after they met.
Mr Feng filed for divorce saying his wife had deceived him and convinced him to marry her under false pretense.
The judge agreed with him and awarded him the damages.





Our darling, promise keeping, revenue scavenging, taxtator (don’t even bother to bring a dictionary, you would only be wasting your time) Governor, Babatunde Fashola is working indeed.

Welcome to Musco secondary school in the Ikotun Egbe area of Lagos State, where opulence drips like rain.